The Victims

Hrant Kurkdjian

Hrant Kurkdjian was an Armenian businessman who left Damascus in 1966 for Beirut to partner in a jewelry business with Raphael Boghossian, a well-established jeweler in Lebanon. Together they created the Middle East Diamond Company. The business developed successfully when the civil war broke out in 1975. It created employment for more than 3000 workers, mostly among the armenian goldsmiths of Bourj Hamoud.Hrant was father of 2 children.

Khatoun Tekeyian

Born 1958

Khatoun Tekeyan was The Middle East Diamond Company's accountant and secretary. She was in the meantime continuing her studies in accounting, successfully managing to combine her studies with her job. Of all the victims she was the one who faced the most extreme violence before she got murdered. Her body was riddled with no less than 7 bullets.

Maria Hanna Mikhayel

Born 1953

Maria Mikhael was recently hired as an accountant. She began her work in january 1985, 3 months only before the murder.

Hani Zammar

Born 1957

Hani Zammar, a young employee of the Middle East Diamond Company, was the father of three young children, aged 1, 4 and 5 years at the time of the crime.

Avedik Boyadjian

Born 1925

Avedik Boyadjian, father of four children, was employed by the Middle East Diamond Company for 7 years. He was responsible for the maintenance of the offices. His youngest son, only 15 years old at the time of the murder and particularly close to his father, suffered from severe depression following his father’s violent death and he died from a stroke few months after the crime.

Raffi Nahabedian, was a friend of Avedik's eldest son. He had the nerve to drop by the house of Avedik, as a friend of the family to present his condolences the day after the murder.

Hrant Kurkdjian in the office of the Middle East Diamond Company

Maria Mikhael in the office of the Middle East Diamond Company

Hani Zammar, Maria Mikhael and Khatoun Tekeyan celebrating New Year 1985